What is Mortensen’s Math?

This program is a game changer for mental math!

Mortensen’s Math uses color coded blocks to enhance the child’s ability to visualize math concepts. It is hands on. It is great for all learners. The student builds each problem using the blocks.

Each operation: counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division has ten books. (Counting Book 1, Counting Book 2, Counting Book 3… Counting Book 10 etc. Adding Book 1, Adding Book 2… Adding Book 10. etc.)

The books are design for the purpose of teaching mental math. It is crucial that the student build each problem using the blocks for memorization.

Explore and Discover

Explore and discover is a major theme with this program. It is student led and student discovery. Your child will be working with the smiley workbook. Every student begins with Counting Book 1. Next, the student can choose if he or she wants to work on Addition Book 1, Multiplication Book 1 etc.

My husband used Mortensen’s Math as a child. Students who complete this program will visually see the colorful blocks in their minds when performing mental math. They will also what it means to multiply, add, subtract and divide.

– Emily Wood